Save Energy, Save money
A-Plus can help you save energy and save money in a number of different ways. Generate your own Electric and money by installing a photovoltaic (solar panel) system on your roof or in your garden. Save money off your electric bills by changing to L.E.D or other energy saving lamps. Save yourself money by installing a voltage optimization unit, and reduce the amount of power you use. Our Electrician in South Wales will help you with all your energy saving needs.
Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
PV works by converting sunlight into electric. This happens by light hitting the panels, which are made from a type of silicon. The silicon reacts with the sunlight and produces electricity.
There are several benefits of installing a PV system on your property. Firstly, while you consume the electricity that you generate you avoid the cost of purchasing that electricity from the grid. As electricity prices rise, the annual value of these savings is likely to increase.

Secondly, under the Feed-in Tariff, for a period of 25 years you are entitled to a payment from your supplier for each unit of electricity that you generate, whether you use it or not. The amount you earn depends on the type of system you have, and if you generate more electricity than you need, the Feed-in Tariff provides for an additional sum for any electricity exported.

Finally, of course, you will be reducing your household emissions, lowering the CO2 produced for each unit of electricity that you generate, whether you use it or export it.

A PV system is a great investment. With the goverment currently paying 44p per unit generated through the feed in tariff (fits).the payments are guarnteed for 25 years, index linked and tax free. On average a PV system will pay for itself within 10 years, leaving the further 15 years pure profit. Plus all the money saved from bills by using the electric you generate.
PV systems come in all different sizes and can be tailored to your exact needs. A lager system will cost more but will in turn generate far more electric, and will earn more money.