Make your home safer with hard wired smoke and heat detectors
A-plus Electrics can install mains powered, battery back up smoke and heat detectors in Neath and Port Talbot and across south Wales. It is important to get any fire detection equiptment installed by a qualified electrician or registered fire alarm company. This will ensure that your alarms will be installed to British standards and operate correctly.
All the smoke and heat alarms we install conform fully to BS5839 (British standard for fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings) They will be fully tested and commisioned and issued with a full Fire Alarm installation certificate.
New and refurbished houses are required by law to be fitted with an electrically powered fire detection system.
There are different requirements on the number and position of detectors for different type and size of property.
All detectors will be interlinked so when one is triggered, the others on the system will sound too.
So for example if you are in bed on the top floor of a large house, and a fire starts downstairs in the kitchen, The heat detector in the kitchen will sound and also send a signal to the alarm on the top floor which will sound and make sure you are notified of the fire as early as possible.
There are different types of detectors for different purposes.
Ionisation smoke alarm - For fast flaming fires, these are suitable
                                 for landings
Optical smoke alarms -   Faster at detecting smouldering fires in  
                                 bedrooms and living rooms
Heat alarms -               detect heat sources only and are suited
                                 to kitchens, garages and humid rooms