Add extra sockets and lights to your home
Our electrician in Porthcawl, Neath Port Talbot and South Wales can easily Install any extra sockets and lights you may need in your home.
 We can help with changing single sockets to doubles, adding sockets to new areas and replacing existing faceplates for new.
Changing single sockets to doubles and adding extra points is an easy and very cost effective job when refurbishing any house. We can add sockets to any place you need one.
From changing existing light fittings for new ones, to installing rows of new recessed downlighters, our south Wales electrician can do it all.
There are many different type and styles of lighting on the market. Lighting can make a massive difference to your home.
We can install all types of mood and purpose lighting, it can be controlled from a simple switch or by full computerised dimming automation. This is where lighting levels can be pre set to all different mood settings and accessed remotely, or even with your mobile phone.
Please contact us for more details of how we can help...