Consumer unit (fuse board) replacement/upgrade
We can offer a great service for replacing or upgrading your consumer unit. Using high quality boards we can upgrade your home electrics to meet current regulations, and more important keep you and your family safe

Often when work is done in a property, like a new kitchen fitted or an extension added. It means the electrics in the house must be altered. When additions or alterations are needed it may mean that the electrical installation needs upgrading to meet current regulations and allow for the work to be fully certified. More often than not the the main thing that will need upgrading is the consumer unit/fuse board.

17th edition  BS7671 regulations require that nearly all circuits must be protected by an RCD (Residual Circuit Device). Many homes today don’t have an RCD, this is crucial as it protects you and you family against electric shock and electrical fires, by automatically disconecting the electrical supply when an earth fault develops. 

Since 2008 RCDs have to be installed on practically every cable / circuit in the home. Every new type 17th Edition consumer unit has 2 RCDs installed to allow circuits to be split up into two sides of the board.For example upstairs sockets on one RCD and Downstairs sockets on another so if a fault does arise on one rcd, you still have power on another side so you wont lose all your electrics.

Another feature of modern consumer units have MCBs (minature circuit breakers) to protect the circuits from overload. So that if a cable is rated at 20amps then an MCB must be rated below that, so it will trip instead of the cable becoming overloaded and dangerous.

All our consumer units come with a lengthy insurance backed warranty and our personal guarantee. We only use high quality brands and the main supply cables and earth will be upgraded as part of the price. All circuits will be tested and a full genuine NICEIC electrical installation certificate will be provided.