All types of electric heating for your home
There are many different types of electric heating that A-Plus electricians Port Talbot and south Wales can help you with.
Under floor heating
Under floor heating is a luxury for all tiled and wooden floor parts of the house. Keeping the normally cold floor at a comftable, cosy level its normally installed as a secoundry source of heating. When ever having a new tiled or laminate/wood floor layed, underfloor heating can be installed first.
Central Heating controls
All types of gas cental heating systems require some sort of electrics to control them. We can provide the wiring for all of them, from a simple supply for a combi boiler to complicated controls of multi zone conventional systems pumps and valves.
We can fit all sorts of heating controls including wireless roomstats and wired roomstats, timeclocks and programmers and timed controls for immersion water heaters.
Storage heating
Storage heating is used to provide a cost effective way of electrically heating the home. It works by only using electric at night from the economy 7 cheaper tarrif. It stores the heat in bricks inside which the give the heat out through the day. A-Plus can provide repairs to existing heaters, replace old heaters for new and install new circuits for additional heaters.
We can also help with many other types including...Heated towel rails, tubular heaters, convector heaters, water heaters and more...